Getting Going (part 1)

River and sky

Welcome to the Course!

Congratulations on taking the first step to learning to relax! I really hope you"ll enjoy the Chill Out course and find it helpful.

The course has been designed to bring together all the different ways to reduce stress and to learn to relax. I've run this course face-to-face many times with different groups of people and I've never met anyone who didn't get something useful from it. The people who have benefited most are those who have tried everything so, please, if you are feeling stressed out and really want to relax, give it all a go!!

You may know some of the information and relaxation techniques already, but there is always something new to find out, or new ways of looking at the same topic. If, like me, you're the sort of person who wants to know the reason behind the activities, you can check out the detail in the Library afterwards.

Taking Your Time

This course has been designed so that you work through it at your own pace and you'll always be able to go back to activities you'll already tried. However, whether it's online or a book, very often people whizz through the whole thing in one go and don't stop to try everything properly. That's the reason that the course is divided into sessions and parts. Even if you are in a real hurry to calm down, relaxing is about slowing the pace.

There's a lot of information in some of the sessions, so I strongly recommend you only work through a maximum of one whole session a day and take time to try everything out. After all, if you were coming to a face-to-face class, you'd have to wait a whole week for the next session! Slowing down gives you enough time to get used to, and practice, the ideas and techniques you learn in the session before you move on.

On the other hand, you may only want to try a part of a session a day - that's fine; the course is designed with this in mind. And now, I expect you want to get going...