Relax Your Body (part 2)

Welcome Back!


In the first part of Relax Your Body, you found out all about cortisol and serotonin. I mentioned that you can lower your stress levels and increase serotonin by taking care with what you eat. So, in this second part, you'll be looking at stress-busting foods. You'll find lots of information about what's good to help you relax and what's not - and why.

Remember, this is just about eating the foods that will help you reduce your stress levels. It's not a weight loss diet - it's all about becoming more relaxed! However, if you eat these foods you will also help your body become more healthy in general and you never know - you may lose weight if you need to!

Oh, and you'll learn how to give yourself a face massage!

First of all, let's look at how your blood sugar levels may affect your mood...