Choosing Your Exercise

Reeds So you can see all the reasons why exercise is a good idea. Originally, people got all the exercise they needed by hunting and gathering, or working the land, or by walking everywhere. Nowadays, many of us lead much more static lives and have to fit 'exercise' around what we do.

When people realise that they should be exercising, a very common reaction is to sign up with a gym. Cheap council run gyms or exclusive top of the range gyms, they all have the same problem. Many people only go once or twice. Gyms only suit some people.

It's obviously important to find something you really like doing and which can fit in with your life. If you haven't got much money or much time, you need to think about your options - there's a much wider range of activities to get your muscles working and your heart pumping faster than you might think.

Next you'll be taking a moment to think about which is the right form of exercise for you. There are a lot of different ideas for you to consider - surely ONE of them will appeal!