Being Pollyanna-ish

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Pollyanna was published in 1913. It's about a poor orphan girl who goes to live with her crabby but wealthy aunt in a small town in Vermont, USA. The negative attitude of he aunt is like a fog over the whole town until Pollyanna arrives.

Pollyanna has been taught how to have an optimistic outlook by her father. He invented the Glad Game one Christmas when, because they were very poor, they received a charity parcel. Pollyanna was hoping for a doll but instead, the parcel contained a pair of crutches. Her father made up the game on the spot, saying 'Why should we be glad they sent crutches?... Because we don't need them!'

Pollyanna took the Game to the people of the town and, as you'd expect in such a story, everyone became cheerful, optimistic and everything worked out well in the end. But what if Pollyanna or her father had needed crutches? Well - they'd have been glad to have been sent them, of course! This is the key to the Glad Game - you find a positive in every situation. Sometimes it's very hard to do, but always possible. However, practising on the little problems of life prepares you for the bigger ones.

Pollyanna Club Badge

A Club??

The Glad Game became very popular in the real world and there was even a Pollyanna club - you can see the badge here. This Pollyanna attitude, although sometimes derided, is, in fact, a very good one to adopt if you are trying to reduce your stress levels. Just remember the club motto - Be Glad!

And next you're going to have the chance to play the game yourself..