Frequently Asked Questions

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If you've not been here before, you may have some questions about the course.
Just click on the headings below to find out the answers.

Why does the Chill Out Course exist??

I've run this as a face-to-face 6 week course many times, mainly for people with particular difficulties such as mental health or neurological problems.However, I kept meeting people with no particular problem apart from that they were stressed, and they all really wanted to have a go. I realised that, as it stood, the course wasn't available to everyone who'd like to try it, so I decided to do something about it.

The interested people weren't all in one place, but scattered across the world. Friends suggested I write a book, but I know about books - you read through them really quickly and don't actually try out many of the exercises. Then you decide the book didn't work. This course has been designed to encourage you to try out the ideas. I've tried to translate the interactive aspects of the course so that you aren't simply reading piles of text. Everything I mention is based on evidence and if you want to know more you'll find it in the Library.

Who are we?

I'm Barbara and I've been running personal development courses for some years. This is my favourite! I'm a qualified adult trainer and burgeoning web designer/developer. I'm based in England but I've tried to make the course internationally accessible (apart from the spelling!)

My brother, Bill, has sorted out all the tricky bits that you (mostly) can't see. He's been a web developer for many years and has been wonderfully patient with my stupid questions. (Sometimes, he hasn't answered them and I've had to work it all out for myself, which has been fab for learning new skills).

How much does it cost?

At present, the course is free. I wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible - not just those with money! Many of the most stressed-out people are the ones with cash problems. Obviously, it costs a bit to maintain and update the site so there will be some sort of payment structure in the future. If you've got an opinion, please contact me to let me know. I'd really like some ideas about this!

How do I get started?

Click here to enrol and get going! (It only takes a minute)

Logged in and lost?

If you're already logged in and are just a bit lost, the Dashboard, which lists the whole course, is at the top of the page

Beta version - what we have fixed so far...

We have fixed:
  • the logging-in process so it's easy to sign up and you don't get lost afterwards
  • some funny bits of font that snuck in behind our backs
Please let us know if something goes wrong or if there's a spelling mistake or you see the blue sphere (you probably won't but it's very pretty). Remember, this isn't the mobile version so it may not look so good on phones. Of course, you might think the site is perfect. Either way, feel free to message via the 'Contact us' button